Curated by Sacha Waldron

SURVEY Don Celender

CRATE's new exhibition and project space programme launched in June 2013 with , curated by Sacha Waldron.

The survey thematic is explored through four main strands:

Survey as a format for looking at the work of artists - the survey show and its relationship to the solo show, charting an artists practice; 
Survey as a form a mapping - surveying locations or tendencies.
Survey as an investigation into administrative formats, evaluation and information gathering
The Survey in terms of the conceptual mass mail-out communication processes of 1970’s conceptual artists and how we relate this to contemporary practice.

Alongside The Survey, a parallel programme entitled Exploratorium invites both emerging and established artists to use CRATE as a laboratory and space for experimentation. Exploratorium launched with Lisa Milroy's Party of One, a painting installation and exhibition that invites the public to perform Milroy's paintings. 

Sacha Waldron is the current holder of CRATE's Curatorial Bursary, supported by the Arts Council South East and a Kent County Council Grant for the Arts.


Fischli&Weiss_The WayThingsGo

CRATE offers an opportunity to develop an 18-month programme for its project spaces. The most recent recipient was Sacha Waldron and her programme, The Survey. The Curatorial Bursary is aimed at artists and curators who have previous experience of curating and coordinating projects and who are happy to self direct a programme and work independently. Crate is a small and ambitious organisation and the bursary recipients are asked to be aware of building's context, maintaining the infrastructure around the organisation and Crate's future sustainability.


 is the Project Space programme under development by CRATE's newly appointed curator, Toby Huddlestone.

Starting with a on April 16th 2011, it will examine alternate models of exhibition format.

Artist-led spaces such as CRATE (independent and experimental) should be at the forefront of current critical discussion around curatorial and cultural activity - it is in project spaces, temporary sites and 'independent activity' through which creativity and new ideas evolve. The focus of the exhibitions in this programme will shift from a place of consumption to a site of action, response and production. A more discursive framework will evolve through this allowing a more active involvement from the artists and audience, often prompting repeat visits to see how an exhibition or project is evolving.

Toby Huddlestone - new curator for CRATE.

CRATE has awarded its 2011 - 2012 Curatorial Bursary to Toby Huddlestone.

Toby is currently developing a programme tilted 'Exhibition as Medium', which primarily aims to concentrate attention on alternate models of exhibition format through the presentation of research through production. Exhibitions, screenings, events, talks, symposia, papers and publications will be produced alongside social events, informal discussion and electronic dialogue. The programme began with a 'closed' symposium on 16 April, now archived on the CRATE .

The main programme will commence in July 2011 and run until April 2012.

Tether Interview Matthew de Pulford

Hither and Thither

Last year Nottingham based artist-led organisation came to Margate as part of the making of Hither and Thither – a video survey of artist-led initiatives across the country. Their interview with Matthew de Pulford, recipient of Crate’s first curatorial bursary, can be found .


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