WANTED - New Programming Team Members - Crate Studio & Project Space

Crate’s programming team works collaboratively to put on an inspiring and responsive arts programme at Crate’s Project Space in Margate. The team currently consists of four artists based in the area, and we are looking for artists / curators /administrators / technicians to join us for the Crate Programme 2019.

Crate is a registered charity, committed to providing an affordable project space for artists to test new ideas, and to showcase those ideas to an audience. We encourage artists to take risks with their work and to not work towards a prescribed outcome. We aim to put on a varied programme that seeks to engage with a diverse audience, to offer up a variety of art events, to foster and support the continuing development of artistic experiences, and to create a space that artists can use for networking and sharing ideas.

We ask that you are committed to:-

  •     Working collaboratively
  •     Supporting the team in delivering a public programme
  •     Committed to the ideals of the organisation as outlined above

You do not need to necessarily have previous experience. We pride ourselves on providing a platform for practitioners to develop their potential skills in arts administration, curation, marketing, technical support etc

If you are interested in joining us please email your interest to

Please outline :-

Why you wish to join us

What experience you may have had, and how we could be enriched from you joining us.

What aspects of support you are interested in offering

What kind of arts programme would you like to see for 2019, and what particular event or aspect of a programme would you be interested in leading.

This is not a paid position. The team works largely for the satisfaction of putting on an arts programme. We do apply for funding each year, so are sometimes in a position to pay ourselves for the work we do from project to project.

There is no formal interview. We will read your email as a team, and get back to you personally with a response.

Deadline to apply - Monday 14th January


QT Collective awarded the Crate Curatorial Open 2018

Congratulations to QT collective, who have been been selected as winner of this year's Crate Curatorial Open with their exhibition proposal When the clouds come in. QT collective @qt_collective, is an irlurl curatorial project directed by @emilysurnamexox_x.


More about QT collective...


Foreva dreaming of data, Emily Simpson (born 1991), studied BA (Hons) Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University, and have been involved in exhibitions at Castlefield Gallery, Primary, Hutt Collective, and were part of life 2.0 The Wrong Biennale. They have curated exhibitions online with @wuu2wuu2, isthisit? and offline with CBS Gallery, and are currently the artist and curator in residence at Bootham School from 2k17-2k19.


For this year's Crate Curatorial Open artists and curators were asked to submit proposals to use Crate's Project Space to research, test and create a new curatorial project.


‘When the clouds come in’


‘you are my only certainty that creates uncertainty, we live up in the clouds . . . as online and offline combine, where do we store our dreams, in our heads or in google? we are a generation who are seen but never seen But the url can also be a comfort blanket, in a climate of ambiguity we can find ourselves in the algorithm, fall in love on facetime, bury ourselves in the browser.


Where the clouds come in is an exhibition looking at how we can massage our online habits, as we are running behind to catch the social in social media - inviting us to #pause, put our phones on airplane mode, and ask where we place ourselves in all this debris, dreams and data.’


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UCA and CRATE Graduate Award 2018

The winners of Crate Graduate Award 2018 announced!

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Crate Graduate Award Uli Jaeger, Ty Locke and Kaushikee Gupta.

They will be using the Crate's project space as their studio from the 4th of July. They will be developing new work which will then be exhibited in the same space at the end of the month.

The Crate Graduate Award offers three graduating BA Fine Artists from UCA the use of its project space as part of a one month residency. The award is offering graduates space and support to develop new work, bridging the gap between education and self-directed practice. Each graduate will be offered mentoring sessions with established creatives/artists and support from CRATE’s Programming Team. The Crate Graduate Award is in partnership with University of the Creative Arts in Canterbury. #CRATEGRAD18

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Meet the Grads:-


Uli Jaeger
Uli has discovered the freedom and joy of working as an artist later in life. Her practice can be summarised by Jürgen Tillmans’ statement: If one thing matters, everything matters. Materiality matters just as much as space. Uli works with found objects and often collaborates with and in a given space. She is interested in the notion of chance, not knowing, and play. Her work is about the ongoing negotiation between the everyday and art: where do the two meet, where do they overlap? She is based at LIMBO, an artist-led studio and project space in Margate.

"My work is often space related, so I look forward to what will happen once I’m physically in the Crate space. I intend to carry on working with fabric and resin, a continuation from the last few months. A small but growing collection of used clothing will serve as initial material to experiment further. There are 2 trains of thoughts in connections with clothes which I would like to explore more:

  • the complicated movements we humans have to do in order to put on or take off clothes; especially children, ill or older people who find it cumbersome to get dressed without any assistance! Considering the various openings we have to push our extremities through leads me to imagine…
  • …that we can use these openings – when transformed by an agent such as resin – as implements to look through (as used during the Whitstable Biennale 2018 Satellite programme.)


Ty Locke
Ty Locke is a practicing artist that has been consistently interested in light-hearted, playful sculpture that pushes the boundaries of absurdity. He had a part time job in a children’s play centre, ‘The Big Fun House’, where, ironically, he spent most of his time engaged in tedious and mundane tasks. He explored this within his practice using monotonous processes, setting himself rules to follow, and committing to his irrationality to create absurd, dysfunctional objects. For example, ‘Untitled (109 rolls of tape)’ 2018 was developed after having the idea to buy all the tape he could find (109 rolls) and then continually rolled tape, to tape, to tape, which resulted in making a ridiculous reel of tape that was 109 reels long (6540 meters). He uses what’s to hand to create and impose processes onto familiar reference points. Ty recently graduated from UCA Canterbury and will be pursuing an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, after a year in Margate.
"During the Crate Graduate Award, I intend to develop my practice in a different context than it has been done before, out of the university environment. I will use the space and opportunity to carry on finding materials and objects to develop absurd, dysfunctional sculptures. Developing from the working methodologies I have established within my BA, I'm excited to work alongside professional mentors and the other graduates from UCA. Gaining professional, curatorial experience by showing the body of work in an exhibition at the end of the residency, building connections within the Margate art scene."
Instagram @tyl0cke


Kaushikee Gupta
Kaushikee Gupta is a young story teller from India. She becomes vocal with the words that bleed on paper and uses sound as a medium to explore and experiment new dimensions all together. She has a fascination for the space that sound creates, and the different memories it evokes in people. The different feelings they encounter. Of being in an art- work and not just looking at one. Immersing them into a simulated reality or fiction, or maybe an unsaid memory. A recent graduate from the University for the Creative Arts with a BA (HONS) in Fine Art and living in the United Kingdom; she is looking forward to her Masters in Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art this fall. She believes that art does not capture, and replicate a given subject’s experience of the event but draws bodies into sensations not yet experienced. She wants to create those experiences for the audience and the masses through her text and sound installations.  

"The Crate Grad Award is an amazing opportunity for me to carry on experimenting with my practice of text and sound scape installations and indulge on more simulated spaces through my narratives. I would try and achieve a more refined large scale narrative to be able to go beyond the context of a structured space and to create a scape through my text and sound. I would really want to be able to play with binaural sound technologies and immerse my viewers into a simulated or fictional reality. When I write I often feel like a creator, it is the same when I play with sound. The urge is to create something new or maybe to discover something that was already there. I want to invite people to be a part of somebody’s most intimate memories and desires, whether they feel comfortable invading my story or not."



4th July - 4th August, 2018

CRATE is offering three graduates from BA Fine Art at University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury the use of its project space as part of a one month residency. The award offers graduates space and support to develop new work, bridging the gap between education and self-directed practice. Each graduate will be offered mentoring sessions with established creatives/artists and support from CRATE’s Programming Team. 

The three graduates who have been offered this opportunity this year are:

Ty Locke - 'I experiment with everyday objects ad alter them slightly in a way to create defamiliarisation, mostly in a light hearted, playful manner'

Uli Jaeger - 'I play and let chance play with me. The work is about the ongoing negotiation of luminal space between the everyday and art: where do the two meet or overlap?'

Kaushikee Gupta - 'I create soundscapes of things I feel, and moments I envision and of places I have never been. I write and read and write again'

Please watch this space for updates about their residency and for information about public outcomes.

Bilton Square Micro Beer Fest Sept 6th

CRATE's Collaborative Research Group have teamed up with The Harbour Arms, Pete's Fish Factory, The Tudor House and RG Scott Furniture Mart to bring a micro beer festival to Bilton Square, Margate.

The Beer Fest is a one day event held in Bilton Square, Margate, on the 6th September 2014, and will be situated beside and supported by Crate and Limbo, whilst working as part of Turner Contemporarys’ 'Summer of Colour' and Margate's 'Big Busk'.

Margate and the rest of the Isle of Thanet has a rich history in the production of malt and barley,which would be exported both to London and the European Low Countries between the 16th and 18th century. As a pre-empt to the possible re-opening of a 16th century malt-house in Margate, the Beer Fest aims to celebrate this former provision from the Isle, whilst also providing the space in which to acknowledge the surge in popularity of ale consumption, and more broadly, the space that surrounds alcohol consumption.

There will also be an artist film preview, showing selected films chosen by Collaborative Research Group, on 5th September 2014
which is due to be held at The Tudor House in Margate.

The event is the last ‘First Friday’ event of the Summer of Colour, a Turner Contemporary initiative to promote the celebration of Mondrian and the collaboration between organisations in Margate and Thanet.

It will also be happening alongside The Margate Big Busk which sees a day of busking and street performance throughout Margate, based at various sites and venues, one of which will be Bilton Square.


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