Crate Conversations ~ Ralph Pritchard n QT collective x

crate conversations
ralph pritchard n qt collective ~ digital detoxes 
saturday 10th november 3-5pm

join ralph pritchard and qt collective for a juice and a chat about digital detoxes.

as online and offline combine, we need to update our manual for ‘good health’ to include our social media selves. we are the first generation to grow up online, and we are a l w a y s online do we need to update our ideas on intimacy as we update our browsers? and is it ok that you read my text and 5.45 and now its 5.47 and u havent replied nvm have a nice life 

join us both 4 for a juice and an informal discussion on dating with all this data, and what it rly means to have no wifi 

@ralphpritchard @qt_collective 

this event accompanies crate's current exhinbition 'when the c l ouds come in' curated by qt collective, winner of crate's curatorial open 2k18. 

featuring works by aimee walker jawbone jawbone, keiken ft. george jasper Stone + nati cerutti and lois hopwood

open 26th oct-14th nov
12-4 pm thursday- sunday or by appointment

for more info go to instagram @qt_collective / @cratespacemargate

all welcome xxxo


Crate Conversations with Hannah Rzysko Yoga Therapy and Deep Listening with Katie Fiore

Saturday 29th at 6-8pm

Join us for an evening of deep listening and meditation in the moss garden in response to the current exhibition Arrangement at Crate. 

6pm-7pm DEEP LISTENING: In The Garden with Katie Fiore

A listening session and open jam for the plants. Journeying through the world of the secret life of plants, Katie will share a set of found sounds & texts designed for the plants as the active listener- to encourage optimum growth, health & happiness. 

Including sounds from the deep & pondlife donated by Lee Patterson, Mort Garson's Plantasia & Peter Coffin's music for plants. This is an open session: participants are encouraged to join in this open performance for the plants. Please bring any texts or sounds you would like to share that you think the plants would like, or anything about plant sentience and our relationship to plants. Alternatively, you are invited to take a seat with the moss garden and listen. 
Hot tea and beers will be provided. 

7pm Meditation with Hannah Rzysko

Yoga Therapist, Hannah Rzysko will be running a progressive walking into stillness meditation, bringing people into a state of presence, observation and absorption specially designed for this evening.

DEEP LISTENING sessions are a chance to meet & for sharing, listening, and being together in the world. DEEP LISTENING sessions are relaxed and open sessions which encourage us to listen to our environment and to each other.  DEEP LISTENING are sessions are run by Open School East Associate Katie Fiore. They are part of the Tools For A Visionary Future series.

Hannah Rzysko Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist has been teaching Hatha yoga since 2013, following 6 years of committed yoga practice. And in 2018, following 5 years of sharing yoga to those with varying complex needs, she completed 18 months of intensive study to become a certified Yoga Therapist - registered and accredited with the Complementary Natural Health Council.

“By exploring asana (postures), pranayama (use of breath), savasana (proper relaxation) and dhyana (meditation) we can reconnect with our bodies, and our feet to the earth that supports us. Hand in hand with this comes a stronger, flexible, resilient body and a happy, confident and peaceful mind. Yoga helps us to navigate our way through busy lives and nurture the health, happiness and sense of being for us and that of those around us.“

Crate Conversations: PASS IT ON - The Mapping Margate version

George Harding, William Hughes, Jay Rechsteiner, Sue Rumsey, Jo Ursell, Emily Whitebread 

Open for one night only: 6pm-9pm,Thursday 30 August 2018

Join us for the third installment of Crate Conversations:Pass it on.
We have asked six artists to respond to the artwork in Mapping Margate, the August group show at Crate. Those artists have then responded to each other's response -an artists' version of chinese whispers.
See the result on Thursday night 30 August, for one night only.

Artists taking part:


Sue Rumsey 



Open: 12-4pm, Friday 14 September-Sunday 30 September, 2018
Preview:6-8pm, Friday 14 September, 2018

A layer of living moss forms an indoor landscape in Lizzy Rose’s new audio-visual installation at Crate. Incorporating video, sound, hand-made objects and manipulated plant-life, the work explores landscape, form, nostalgia and the pursuit of knowledge between cultures.

Lizzy Rose visited Japan in 2016 to research a form of floristry called ikebana which has been practiced for over 600 years.  

Rose's interest lies in the hidden culture surrounding this art form, which she examines by drawing parallels between The Art of Flower Arranging, a book produced in the 1950's, and the classes held today in Tokyo by the Ohara School of Ikebana for International students.

The Art of Flower Arranging by Ishimoto is a instructional guide on how to use the simplified principles of Ikebana to decorate your home. Ishimoto encourages the user to observe nature and landscape. Pure Ikebana is more precise, combining geometry and natural forms; the wildness of nature meeting rational aesthetics.  By replicating landscape it aims to create a transformative space that evokes the sublime, which is described as a kind of spirituality, or sacred place.

s part of this exhibition there will be a Crate Conversations session on Wednesday 27th September at 7pm.

The exhibition was funded by the Arts Council, The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and Crate.

Lizzy Rose (b. 1988) is a British artist who lives and works in Margate. Her work explores community, British identity and hidden culture. She has a severe form of Crohns disease and is a disabled artist.  She studied at Central Saint Martins' School of Art and Design. Lizzy Rose was part of artist-led space, LIMBO arts in Margate from 2012-15 and now is part of the programming team at CRATE, an artist-led studio space and project space in Margate, Kent and she is Associate at Open School East.



Alex Currie, Mark Downing, Stacey Guthrie, Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Heather Tait, Pavilion: MAPPING MARGATE

Open: 12-4pm, 17 - 27 August, 2018
Preview: 6-9pm, Friday 17 August, 2018

CRATE's annual summer group show  is called Mapping Margate. The chosen artists have been asked to respond to T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land
Below is information on the works included in the show:

Alex Currie 
Alex Currie is a Uk based contemporary landscape photographer who graduated from Brighton University in 2007. His photographic practice is concerned with exploring and documenting urban and industrial environments. As well as his solo work he is a founder member of the ‘Human Endeavour’ Photographic collective.

His main project will be ‘The Motorway Service Station As A Destination In Its Own Right’ and his second project is about his mother called ‘Death Is The Only Answer’.

Mark Downing
Mark Downing is a local artist and businessman who ran “I Scream and Rock” in the High Street, “Punk on $ea”, and co-ran “Mojo” in Dane Hill. His artistic output is prolific and varied and includes paintings, sculptures, furniture, readymades, posters, and fashion. Punk had a major impact on his attitude to life and he cites Francis Bacon, George Melly, Patti Smith, Dylan Thomas and The Clash as influences on his artistic practice.

Mark is showing his "Flowers" series. His paintings are inspired by the landscape of urban Margate where flowers have bloomed in wasteland areas. 

Stacey Guthrie
Stacey Guthrie explores the subversion of domestic expectations, compulsion and hysteria and has chosen to respond to the section of the poem that refers to Madame Sosostris and her ‘wicked deck of cards’. Named ‘Madame Domovoi’s Wheel of Fortune’ the work alludes to the Domovoi; a domestic deity in Slavic Mythology which was said to live under the stove. It will be an interactive piece which will allow visitors to discover their own fortune and that of others.

“I make art so I don’t kill my family”.
Stacey Guthrie lives and works in West Cornwall. Her work explores gender stereotypes and the ludicrous expectations placed on women to be innately expert homemakers. Utilising comedy and surrealism she creates a liminal space in which we can witness the effects of repeated drudgery and the creativity that can spring up when breaking point is reached.

Anna Katarzyna Domejko
Anna katarzyna Domejko is proposing to intercept the project space with proliferated shapes inhabiting the corners and edges.The work is a reference to the layered voices, the chopping up, and the collage cut up nature of The Waste Land. The paintings will creep across the gallery interrupting and breaking up the space.

Anna Katarzyna Domejko is a Lodz born artist currently residing in Birmingham. Her practice spans painting, sculpture and installation. Her work is primarily monochrome and is preoccupied with odd placements of shapes and materials, faces merging and drifting out towards you, and allusions to primordial happenings or tales.

Heather Tait
Heather Tait is proposing a photographic series called “Walking the Dog”. The work juxtaposes idyllic, generic landscape photos with titles and text that alludes to the dogging activities that occur there. The text is taken from local forums that act as a guide to those wishing to partake.

T.S Eliot talks a lot about loveless sex and lust in The Waste Land. For him it’s a metaphor for how empty, alienating and disconnected society has become.

Heather is a local artist and photographer. She is interested in social and political discourse, and has regularly returned to exploring the relationship between Image and Text.

Pavilion’s ‘Lost River’ addresses the watercourse of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land. The installation describes a semi-fictional subterranean slice through infrastructural architecture that fantasises a leisure space out of the London sewer network.

Alongside the archaeological section is a display of iron shanks, which appear like the shard extrusions of industrial rubbish.
Pavilion is the collaborative practice of duo Sophie Yetton and Gabriel Birch, based in London. Their work considers and re-frames the space that objects, people and artworks are seen within. Pavilion creates architectures for the gallery which operate simultaneously as installation and display devices for other art works.



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