WANTED - New Programming Team Members - Crate Studio & Project Space

WANTED - New Programming Team Members - Crate Studio & Project Space


Crate’s programming team works collaboratively to put on an inspiring and responsive arts programme at Crate’s Project Space in Margate. The team currently consists of four artists based in the area, and we are looking for artists / curators /administrators / technicians to join us for the Crate Programme 2019.

Crate is a registered charity, committed to providing an affordable project space for artists to test new ideas, and to showcase those ideas to an audience. We encourage artists to take risks with their work and to not work towards a prescribed outcome. We aim to put on a varied programme that seeks to engage with a diverse audience, to offer up a variety of art events, to foster and support the continuing development of artistic experiences, and to create a space that artists can use for networking and sharing ideas.

We ask that you are committed to:-

  •     Working collaboratively
  •     Supporting the team in delivering a public programme
  •     Committed to the ideals of the organisation as outlined above

You do not need to necessarily have previous experience. We pride ourselves on providing a platform for practitioners to develop their potential skills in arts administration, curation, marketing, technical support etc

If you are interested in joining us please email your interest to admin@cratespace.co.uk

Please outline :-

Why you wish to join us

What experience you may have had, and how we could be enriched from you joining us.

What aspects of support you are interested in offering

What kind of arts programme would you like to see for 2019, and what particular event or aspect of a programme would you be interested in leading.

This is not a paid position. The team works largely for the satisfaction of putting on an arts programme. We do apply for funding each year, so are sometimes in a position to pay ourselves for the work we do from project to project.

There is no formal interview. We will read your email as a team, and get back to you personally with a response.

Deadline to apply - Monday 14th January