EXPLORATORIUM: Lisa Milroy - Party Of One

EXPLORATORIUM: Lisa Milroy - Party Of One

Lisa Milroy Party of One

Open: 8 - 16 June, 2013
Opening hours: Saturday - Monday, & Wednesday - Sunday, 12-6pm
Painting performances: Saturday 8 June, on the hour, 1-5pm. 
Sunday 9 June: Visitors are invited to try on Milroy's paintings until 5pm 

Party of One was an experimental painting consisting of a group of painted hand-sewn dresses hung on wooden stands, clustered in front of a painted backdrop.

The dresses are perfunctorily made, painted with the same pattern as the backdrop: however the fabric of each dress is different, reading as slightly different images. Next to the grouping are the same type of dresses but with buttons on the shoulder - a dress, a painting, that can be worn. When a performer dons this dress, she is invited to step inside the painting and wander in and out of the arrangement. The composition of dresses grows animated. The performer completes her circuit and leaves the painted zone, which returns to stillness.

Party of One at CRATE was the first exhibition of Lisa Milroy’s new performance paintings and continues to explore the possibilities of ‘still life’ painting, the formation of self, identity, work, the relation between contemplation and action and the participatory nature of painting.