Graduate Award 2020

Graduate Award 2020


CRATE is delighted to announce that this year's Graduate Award has been awarded to the group bringing together the 8 shortlisted graduates: Admire Ncube/ Frankie Brown/Konstantinos Papagiannopoulos/Samuel Vilanova/Teddie Newton/Tyler Potter/Xingru Chen. 

Following more discussion Crate has decided to do things a little differently in 2020. We have taken this decision in response to unprecedented times. Both the COVID 19 pandemic and the issues raised by Black Lives Matter demand a change in how we operate. We want this year's Graduate Award to develop within this context of change and to be as fluid, responsive, and open, as possible.

The Graduate Award is delivered in partnership with the University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury and offers Fine Art graduates a paid opportunity to continue developing their practice within our artist-led community.


Admire Ncube

'Now flash forward to right now, The first world and the third world have collapsed..... What we live in today is the Afro-surreal; a 'future past', called right now.'

Frankie Brown

'Producing images into textural notations and drawing scripts, allow screens to record the dissonance and interference of the noise revealed in the abstracting of the picture.'

Konstantinos Pagiannopoulos

'The work is about a controlled paranoia. Its about creating an atmosphere that the narrative is subjective and the elements can be used in a manner that say something different to anyone.'

Samuel Vilanova

'Inside and outside. Here and there. Between places and states of mind.'

Teddie Newton

'Digital 3D models of characters, objects and environments, pen and paper drawings, audio files and animations comprise a continuing body of modular works with undisclosed, loosely considered functionalities'

Tyler Potter

'An obsession with the cyclical nature/structure of circles, holes, loops, spirals and grids provides me with endless inspiration.'

Xingru Chen

'The objects at home, the flowers in the vase, the milk box in the corner…These things that I usually do not notice in my life seem familiar but unusual now'

Peter Leigh
Art's paradox is that it reveals and conceals at the same time, visible camouflage is another strand to this way of thinking and seeing into this reflectively. 

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