QT Collective awarded the Crate Curatorial Open 2018

QT Collective awarded the Crate Curatorial Open 2018


Congratulations to QT collective, who have been been selected as winner of this year's Crate Curatorial Open with their exhibition proposal When the clouds come in. QT collective @qt_collective, is an irlurl curatorial project directed by @emilysurnamexox_x.


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Foreva dreaming of data, Emily Simpson (born 1991), studied BA (Hons) Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University, and have been involved in exhibitions at Castlefield Gallery, Primary, Hutt Collective, and were part of life 2.0 The Wrong Biennale. They have curated exhibitions online with @wuu2wuu2, isthisit? and offline with CBS Gallery, and are currently the artist and curator in residence at Bootham School from 2k17-2k19.


For this year's Crate Curatorial Open artists and curators were asked to submit proposals to use Crate's Project Space to research, test and create a new curatorial project.


‘When the clouds come in’


‘you are my only certainty that creates uncertainty, we live up in the clouds . . . as online and offline combine, where do we store our dreams, in our heads or in google? we are a generation who are seen but never seen But the url can also be a comfort blanket, in a climate of ambiguity we can find ourselves in the algorithm, fall in love on facetime, bury ourselves in the browser.


Where the clouds come in is an exhibition looking at how we can massage our online habits, as we are running behind to catch the social in social media - inviting us to #pause, put our phones on airplane mode, and ask where we place ourselves in all this debris, dreams and data.’


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