Jerome White: A LONG ROAD


Jerome White: A LONG ROAD

Open: 11am-6pm, Monday 17-Sunday 30 June, 2019

Mixed media miniature artist Jerome White is looking to create an interpretation of the Jamaican environment, through a collection of miniatures of varying scales, alongside photos and short videos.

A long road aims to be an exploration of roots, culture and everyday life in Jamaica, using the title A Long Road as both reference to where his family originate and to plot out a journey through the streets of Jamaica. Jerome has been creating miniature art for around 5 years, as a way of documenting the streets. The environments are removed from their original setting and placed within a gallery space, allowing for the viewer to engage with each piece up close, placing themselves within the work. Though shows like peeling paint (an interpretation of urban decay) 2018 and little Folkestone 2019, most of which have depicted decay and neglect in the UK, Jerome aims to create connections to his Jamaican heritage. With this collection of work, he aims to introduce this side of his identity in full. By dedicating a show to a wide variety of none traditional architectural styles of building, alongside the vibrancy of the environment in both the natural and man made, Jerome sees this series of work as a departure from the traditional English architecture and setting we’re so used to seeing, instead enabling us to view a much rawer, expressive, and individual style of living.

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