CRAThElstan Sound Studio

CRAThElstan Sound Studio


Dan Scott, Jemma Cullen and Rosie Carr, Dul Fin Wah, Martin Tanton, Steven Alan, Matthew Humphreys, Heather Tait, Alex Hough, Jo Murray, Jane Pitt

CRAThElstan Sound Studio was a collaborative sound-art residency. Two artist -ed organisations, Crate and Athelstan Sound, created a Sound Studio in the Project Space at Crate and spent a few weeks in the space researching and collaborating on sound works. 

Crate is an art organisation that supports fine artists by providing space for artists to develop and research their ideas. 
Athelstan Sounds is an open group inviting members to experiment with sounds on a monthly basis in Cliftonville and Margate. 

The two organisations agreed to collaborate in order to develop practice and ideas by working with artists who adopt different mediums. The space was open for any one to use for three weeks. We filled the sound studio with different instruments, equipment and recording devices so people could experiment and play around with sound.

We held a Athelstan Sound workshop at the beginning of the residency inviting people to present work and talk about their practice. 

We also held a Crate Conversation event called "Women's Work" hosted and conceived by Jemma Cullen

Since finishing our residency we have collated all the work we did and now present it to you as a digital publication.
Please enjoy our journey through the residency and listen to our sound pieces.

Hosts of the project were Dan Scott of  and Jo Murray of Crate Project Space. Many people took part, but those who offered up their findings for publication were Jo Murray, Martin Tanton, Sam Slattery, Steve Alan, Matthew Humphreys, Jay Rechsteiner, Alex Hough, Jemma Cullen, Heather Tait, and Jane Pitt

Sound piece at Sound Cloud below:

The playing order on the soundcloud music file is as follows:-

Jemma Cullen and Rosie Carr: 00:00 - 02:24
Women's Work Workshop: 02:24 - 6:28
Dul Fin Wah: 06:28 - 08:14
Martin Tanton: 08:14 - 12:24
Steve Alan: 12:05 - 13:04
Matthew Humphreys: 13:04 - 22:40
Heather Tait: 22:40 - 25:58
Alex Hough: 25:58 - 32:48
Jo Murray: 32.48 - 34:44
Jane Pitt: 34:44 - 40:42

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